Friday, November 22, 2013

Stop Motion Animation on the iPad

4th grade students will be doing stop motion animation with the iPad.  We have watched a few videos on You Tube.  First I wowed them with a video my cousin made.  They made this with a camera and mac.  I told students the iPad wasn't available yet, and how much time and pictures it took the artists to complete this video.  One student shouted out, "Yea, they barely even had cameras!" And a brief history lesson of the camera began...

Now my 4th grade students can't be that ambitious because we only have a 1/2 hour to get our project done.  So we looked at how something as simple as a rock can have a story...

HOWEVER IF ANY 4th GRADE STUDENTS ARE FEELING AMBITIOUS.... Download the app at home!  You have a great break coming up to make some great art!  I can't wait to see what you make!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MoMA Art Lab on the iPad with Kindergarten

MoMA Art Lab
Kindergarten students have started off their art training learning how to use the elements of art line and shape. We used the art app MoMA Art Lab to play with these elements.  Some students stayed abstract and others made representational objects like houses, snowman, and cars.  I believe play is an important part of the art process, and this app allows students to do that with minimal supplies, mess and time.  We didn't explore the activities on the app yet, but I'm hoping after this introduction students will continue to use the app at home and in the future if they have choice time on the iPad.

Since I was more on top of the lesson, today's class finished early, so I had them do the activites.  I choose the Mastisse game where they had to cut out shapes. It turned out to be a really good motor skill practice for them!
Students had to "cut" the shapes out with their finger.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Painting like Van Gogh on the iPad

This week, 3rd grade is using the app PlayART Van Gogh while drawing their own sunflowers. I am loving the results! We have one more round of students to go and then I'll share the results on Artsonia!